ARMAX 3-in-1 Concealer Full Coverage for Acne, Dark Circles & Redness


Suitable For All Face Types, Skin Tones And Ages!


Full face contour cream palette and concealer, cover dark circles,spots,pock marks,to create skin.Invisible pores,covering dull,brighten skin tone,showing a natural makeup. Give you a natural flawless look


Waterproof and sweat-proof,our cosmetics concealer is light and thin,breathable,easy to mix,hide the pores,skin smooth, lasting makeup.


3 different shades:brightening, natural and healthy colors. Full coverage concealer to cover up blemishes, dark circles and dullness to achieve a flawless complexion. Formulated with skin-caring botanical ingredients to hydrate, smooth and nourish skin.Our cosmetic Concealer cream is light, breathable, easy to mix, hide pores, smooth skin, and durable makeup!


The cream is silky and smooth, with moisturizing ingredients added, it is very easy to apply. Concealer of all colors can be mixed and used, you can mix the color that suits your skin tone by yourself, and blend perfectly with your skin.


Contains moisturizing ingredients to nourish the skin while hiding imperfections, soft, non-sticky and durable. The Tri-Color Concealer won’t clog pores and build fresh looking for a whole day.


The palette comes complete with a high-quality brush designed for precise application. Achieve seamless blending and contouring with the ergonomic design of our brush, ensuring professional-looking results every time.


  • For All Skin Tones:Reduce redness and correct uneven skin tone.Auto color correction is based on your own skin tone. 

    Excellent Oil Controlling:No clogging of skin pores,preventing acne breakouts.Rejuvenating formula retains skin elasticity and moisture.

    Long-Lasting,Waterproof and Sweatproof:Stays long and keeps soft coverage without greasy feeling.

    For All Skin Types:Ideal for oily,dry,combination,acne,sensitive skin or even red skin.

    Easy To Carry:Packaged in a sleek,travel-friendly,very convenient to is very suitable for daily use or when traveling.You can mix the color that suits your skin tone by yourself,and blend perfectly with your skin.


    • Master the order of application of concealer

      The correct order of application of concealer is after foundation and before loose powder or loose powder.

    • Learn to apply makeup with your fingers

      Human fingers are actually the best makeup tools. The natural temperature of your fingers allows the concealer to adhere to the skin and spread evenly

    • Learn to choose the color of your concealer

      Different shades of concealer have different effects on different areas. For example: for dark circles, orange shades are best; for acne-prone and reddened skin, green shades have been shown to be the most effective; when you need to lighten stains, you should choose the Shades to match skin tones.

    • Cover wrinkles with concealer

      Wrinkles and fine lines on the face are irresistible signs of aging. If you can't even cover the foundation, you can only rely on concealer in the end.

    • Get the most out of your concealer

      Another unique way to get the most out of your concealer is to mix it with other products. For example, if we want to cover dark circles, we can mix a small amount of concealer and eye cream together, and then apply it to the eyes, corners of the mouth, etc., which can lighten the shadows on the face and make the makeup look more natural and healthy.