Electric Everyday Whitening Bundle

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Color : Electric Everyday Whitening Bundle - Pink

Everyday whitening with Blue Raspberry taste and an Electric Toothbrush!

Our most requested flavour ever, Blue Raspberry, is tough to beat… but adding our PAP+ Whitening Powder to it makes it a truly-tasty gradual everyday whitening treat! The only thing better? Using it daily with our new Electric Toothbrush in your choice of colour!

  • Three colours of toothbrush to choose from
  • Blue Raspberry Fluoride+ toothpaste for a daily clean
  • Gradual whitening with our PAP+ Whitening Powder

Blue Raspberry + Whitening!

The combination of our Blue Raspberry toothpaste, and the PAP+ Whitening Powder is a powerful everyday combination targeting both oral-health, and a whiter smile.

The toothbrush that is truly you!

Your toothbrush should reflect your personality, with three fun colours to choose from, and three different brushing intensities, this is the first toothbrush you will ever feel you truly own!