Everyday Instant Brightening Bundle

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Color : Everyday Instant Brightening Bundle - Blue Raspberry

Instant brightening combined with instant flavour.

The perfect everyday pair, combining our viral sensation V34 Colour Corrector with our delicious Watermelon flavoured Hismile Toothpaste for a tasty, everyday brightening routine.

  • Utilises colour correcting technology
  • Non-invasive alternative to whitening
  • 10 fun flavours to choose from 

Brighter teeth never tasted this good

The pairing of our Hismile Toothpaste with our V34 Colour Corrector Serum is a match made in heaven. The Colour Corrector helps to mask yellow stains on your teeth, giving an instantly brighter appearance to your smile. While the Hismile Toothpaste range are more than just fun, fruity flavours, they offer superior protection with our fluoride+ formulation.

Start with the most tongue-tingling tasty toothpaste

Start by applying two pumps of the Hismile Toothpaste to your toothbrush just like you normally would brush your teeth. The taste is so good you’ll want to brush straight away, so get brushing!

Brighten with V34 colour corrector, for the brightest smile possible

Use the V34 Colour Corrector Serum when you need that extra brightness boost. The V34 technology will not only help conceal any yellow undertones in your teeth, but add an extra level of brightness to your smile.