LED Flameless Votive Home Decor Candles

Emitting Color : Auroras Size S-10pcs

Material: PP polypropylene ethylene + electronic components
Size: Diameter 3.7x5/6.5/8cm
Packing: 1/3/6/9
battery model:3*LR1130(AG10)/1*CR2032 (battery not included)
As shown

LED electronic candles have the following advantages:
1. It is safe and environmentally friendly, does not generate heat, and avoids the occurrence of flame ignition.
2.the continuous lighting time is long, much higher than the lighting time of ordinary candles.
3. Beautiful and generous, suitable for all kinds of candle holders.
4. It can be used as a small night light for lighting or other decorative purposes.
5. It is powered by an external battery, which is durable and convenient to replace the battery

*Christmas, parties, bars, wedding decorations, churches, marriage proposals, holiday decorations, family parties, karaoke halls, cafes, religious events, etc...
* A very good electronic candle light, the fire light is very similar to the real candle light. Abandoned the traditional open flame of lighted candles, there are smoke, and other bad characteristics.
*The battery can be replaced, and it can be used repeatedly, which is economical and affordable! Is a very good choice for your home decoration!