Limited Edition Toothbrush Bundle

Save $41.00
Color : Limited Edition Toothbrush Bundle - Pink

Limited edition flavours FREE with your new toothbrush!

Our most requested flavours plus our new viral electric toothbrush together at last. Featuring Blue Raspberry, the previously unreleased Cherry and limited edition Cotton Candy, and you get them absolutely FREE with your toothbrush purchase!

  • Contains FULL-SIZED Unreleased Cherry, Blue Raspberry + Limited Edition Cotton Candy Toothpaste
  • Three colours of toothbrush to choose from
  • Fluoride+ formula for an effective clean

The toothbrush that is truly you!

Your toothbrush should reflect your personality, with three fun colours to choose from, and three different brushing intensities, this is the first toothbrush you will ever feel you truly own!

Limited edition flavours to make your mouth water

Featuring Blue Raspberry, Cotton Candy and unreleased Cherry, these flavours are the most requested by you, and ONLY available for a limited time.